2020  Cooperstown Art Association: 85th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition, Cooperstown, NY

2020  Isolation, Midwest Center for Photography, Wichita, KS

2020  The Southern Landscape, South x Southeast Gallery, Molena, GA


2019  Vision: Color Photography, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR


2019  Snap to GridLos Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles , CA


2019  WHAT: Cars and Dogs, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR


2019  Flora - International Exhibition, Midwest Center for Photography, Wichita, KS


2019  Choice 2019, Atlanta Photography Group, APG Gallery, Atlanta, GA


2018  Snap to Grid, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA


2018  Chania International Photo Festival, Blank Wall Gallery, Grand Arsenali, Crete, Greece


2018  St. Tammany Art Association: 53rd National Juried Exhibition, Miriam Baranger Gallery, Covington, LA

2018  Monochrome: Juried International Photography Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary


2018  Urban Landscapes1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


2018  Still Life, A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX

2017  Snap to Grid, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA

2017  I'll Be Your Mirror: The Portrait, 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2017  STORM, PhotoNOLA 2017, Solo Exhibition, Guy Lyman Fine Art, New Orleans, LA

2017  Atlanta Celebrates Photography: Photo Buckhead, Atlanta Photography Group, Buckhead Library, Atlanta, GA

2017  Someone/Someplace: Figures, Portraits & Landscapes, Western Bureau Arts, San Jose, CA

2017  Street Photography: Juried International Photography ExhibitionPH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2017  Cooperstown Art Association: 82nd Annual National Juried Art Exhibition ,  CAA Village Building, Cooperstown, NY

2017  The Red Clay Survey: 2017 Exhibition of Contemporary Southern Art, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL

2017  St. Tammany Art Association: 52nd National Juried Exhibition, STAA Art House, Covington, LA

2017  RECOLLECTIONS:  A Community Photography ProjectNew Orleans Photo Alliance, New Orleans, LA

2017  It's a Sign: The Medium is the Message, 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2017  Camera USA™ 2017: National Photography Exhibition and Award, The von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL

2017  Line - 2017 National Juried ExhibitionAttleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA

2017  Masur Museum of Art: 54th Annual Juried Competition, Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA

2016  New Beginnings, InSight Photography Show & Auction, Rail Yard Studios, Nashville, TN


2016  Highway 90: Beyond the Rigolets, Solo Exhibition, Guy Lyman Fine Art, New Orleans, LA

2016  Abstracted, Mpls Photo Center, Minneapolis, MN

2016  Portraiture: Photography Now, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR


2016  THINGS: a still life show, 5 Press Gallery, New Orleans, LA


2016  ARTifact, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT

2016  Fishing for Iconography 2A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX 

2016  Camera USA™ 2016: National Photography Exhibition and Award, The von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL


2015  Dorothy Jean, Solo Exhibition, Guy Lyman Fine Art, New Orleans, LA 


2012  A New Landscape: The 10th Annual Grand Isle Juried Exhibition, Grand Isle Community Center, Grand Isle, LA 


2011  The Windsor Court Art Showcase Series, Solo Exhibition, Windsor Court Hotel, New Orleans, LA  


2011  Emblème, Solo Exhibition, Eustis Studios, Cape Girardeau, MO 


2009  PhotoNOLA, New Orleans Photo Alliance, Søren Christensen Gallery, New Orleans, LA 


2009  Salon d’Automne, Arthur Silverman Studio, New Orleans, LA  


2006  New Works, Søren Christensen Gallery, New Orleans, LA


2006  Souvenir, Grand Contemporary, Lafayette, LA


2005  Souvenir, Søren Christensen Gallery, New Orleans, LA  


2004  Leaf Shadows, Søren Christensen Gallery, New Orleans, LA  


2004  Annual Student Exhibition, The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, New Orleans, LA


2003  Jack Swanson Photographic Exhibit, St. Tammany Art Association, Covington, LA  


2003  Annual Student Exhibition, The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, New Orleans, LA  


2003  Underexposed, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA  




Additional Exhibitions

Covid Pictures: COVID-19 Pictures

Grey Cube Gallery: Skies

Lenscratch: "The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2019"

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery: "Black & White Etc"


Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery: "Text & Images"

Black Box Gallery: "Black and White: Photography"

Lenscratch: "The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2018"


Black Box Gallery: "Portrait: Photography"

CAGO: 2018 "Figurative/Portrait" Exhibition


International Gallery of the Arts: "3rd Annual Nature's Beauty"

CAGO: 2018 "All Botanical" Exhibition

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery: "Flora & Fauna"

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery: "Black & White"

Lenscratch: "The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2017"

International Gallery of the Arts: "Still Life"

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery: "Still Life"

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops: "PORTRAITS"


Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery: "The Portrait & Self-Portrait"

PhotoPlace Gallery: "Honoring Trees"

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery: "Yellow 2017"

Black Box Gallery: "Shadows: Darkness and Light"

Lenscratch: "The 2017 Earth Day Exhibition"

CAGO: 2017 "Figurative/Portrait" Exhibition

Lenscratch: "The 2016 Signs of Life Exhibition"


Black Box Gallery: "Portraiture: Photography Now"

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery: "Botanicals" 2016 Show


Fusion Art: "Red, White & Blue" 


Darkroom Gallery: "ARTifact"


A Smith Gallery: "fishing for iconography 2"


Colors of Humanity Art Gallery: "Water" 2016 Show


Light Space & Time Gallery: 6th Annual "Botanicals" Art Competition


Art-Competition.net: "Faces of Humanity 2"


Black Box Gallery: "Taking Pictures: 2016"


International Gallery of the Arts: "Monochromatic" 


Art-Competition.net: "Land & Seascapes"


Colors of Humanity Art Gallery: "Skies" 2016 Show



Alabama Red Clay Survey at Huntsville Museum of Art by JJ Vincent (RocketCityNow.com)

Summer color juried show include artists from Tammany and around the country by Ted Lewis (The New Orleans Advocate)

A Photography Exhibit in Naples, Florida by Barbara Ross (Lea Wait's Blog)

Arts & Entertainment News by Nancy Stetson (Naples Florida Weekly)

"Where to eat in New Orleans" by Mike Welch (British Airways)

Steven Forster's Party Central: Art for Art's Sake (The New Orleans Advocate)

"What's Hot - Art" by Amy Gabriel (St Charles Avenue)


What Remains: Les Schmidt at Guy Lyman Fine Art (Pelican Bomb)


Steven Forster’s Party Central: Les Schmidt at Guy Lyman Fine Art (The New Orleans Advocate)


IQ Magazine, January 2012

Southeast Missourian

ARTVOICES, 2009 | issue 21





Vision: Color Photography by Black Box Gallery 

WHAT: Cars and Dogs by Black Box Gallery 


Manifest International Photography Annual INPHA 6 by Manifest Press

Black and White: Photography by Black Box Gallery 

Portrait: Photography by Black Box Gallery

Still Life by A Smith Gallery

Red Clay Survey 2017 Catalogue by Huntsville Museum of Art

Honoring Trees by PhotoPlace Gallery

Shadows: Darkness and Light by Black Box Gallery

Portraiture: Photography Now by Black Box Gallery

Abstracted by Mpls Photo Center


ARTifact by Darkroom Gallery


Taking Pictures: 2016 by Black Box Gallery

How to Rebuild a City: Field Guide from a Work in Progress by Press Street Books





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