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"Storm 23" STORM Series Copyright © 2017 Les Schmidt Photography



1. a defect or malfunction in a machine or plan.

2. Computers. any error, malfunction, or problem.

3. a brief or sudden interruption or surge in voltage in an electric circuit.



STORM is almost the antithesis of what we think of as photography, because the end result does not accurately depict what was viewed from the

other side of the lens.

Taken with an old BlackBerry Storm smartphone, these images were created from what appeared to be a corruption within the device's operating system. After attempting to take more photos and getting the same results, I frustratingly downloaded hundreds of files only to discover frenetic, vibrant, undulating images. The photographs represented are the last of 28 images that still exist today -- the remaining files having degraded to the point where there is no useful color information left.

Making a photograph is a painstaking process occasionally made easier with modern photo editing software. But despite our best efforts, sometimes technology just slips up and has its own way, and in this case an unexplainable computer glitch produced a surprisingly delightful result -- if only for

a fleeting moment.


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